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Film of the Week: The Missing Scarf by Eoin Duffy

The Missing Scarf by Eoin Duffy (2013) (Ireland) (7m)

The Missing Scarf won many awards on the short film festival circuit, including at the LA Shorts Fest. The Missing Scarf tells the story of the wise squirrel, Albert, who encounters a series of distracted animals in his journey through the woods while searching for his missing scarf. Albert is able to impart an ever-increasing level of insight into the animals' fears, including a bear's morbid fear of non-existence. However, can words really defend us against the inevitability of our demise?


Stew & Punch by Simon Ellis (2013) (UK) (14m)

Stew & Punch is a painful portrayal of a man emasculated during his own house-warming dinner party. Shot in three single shots (think Victoria), it centres upon the slightly built Alex, who has been preparing a stew for 48 hours, and his feelings of inadequacy when compared to his best friend, Rich. Having been beaten by his own girlfriend in an arm wrestle, he spends the rest of the night getting drunker and drunker while desperately trying to prove his masculinity and match Rich.

Argentine Tango

Dead Bird

Warhol by Adam Ethan Crow (2014) (UK/USA) (19m)

Warhol was a joint winner in a previous competition. It tells the story of quick-witted but fading shock-jock Dave Dawson who, having been consigned to a late night slot, is desparate to prove himself. His producer has to babysit Dave but finds himself unable to stop things getting out of control when a young caller rings in pretending to be a criminal, just as an intruder is breaking into the kid's house.

The Duel At Blood Creek by Leo Burton (2010) (UK) (14m)

The fabulous comedy, The Duel At Blood Creek, was a winner in the 4th FILMSshort Competition. Blood Creek is the name of a popular site where men settle matters of honour with an old-fashioned duel. Unfortunately, it is proving rather too popular today as several would-be duellers arrive at the same time. The bickering and posturing builds up until the fighting begins. But who will survive in such a bloodthirsty age as this?

Duel at Blood Creek

Conrad And The Steamplant by Dustin Cohen (2013) (USA) (8m)

The winnner of the 9th FILMSshort competition, Conrad And The Steamplant by Dustin Cohen proves that a short documentary can be just as engaging as fiction film. Conrad & The Steamplant tells the story of Conrad Milster, who has worked in a New York college's power plant most of his life. Starting as a mechanic in 1958, he became one of only four chief engineers in the plant’s 127-year history, taking over in 1965. He’s been there ever since. Cohen's film provides a beautiful and intimate insight into the man and his world.

Connect by Samuel Abrahams (2010) (UK) (5m) *

Connect, written and directed by Samuel Abrahams, was nominated for a BAFTA in 2011. With moments of magic realism, it tells the story of a woman (a young Tuppence Middleton) on a London bus who is drawn to the man standing beside her and tries to form a connection with him. But will her advances be recipricoated? It is a subtle story of passing love, a litte reminiscent of Strangers.

Goodbye by Tyler Russo (2015) (USA) (7m)

A finalist in a previous FILMSshort festival, Goodbye could be classed as a horror, but is more disturbing than horrific. Having been killed in a road accident, a man finds himself bodiless and faced with a group of gatekeepers, who were once human but are now something else. It is the job of the gatekeepers to interview the man and decide upon a suitable vocation for eternity; and should surely try to avoid becoming a gatekeeper.


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